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           At most writing schools, students can expect to hear from their

           instructors once a week. At Creative Writing Institute,

        your tutor will be available six days a week.

       Let CWI shower you with the

     attention you




       Service is our first product!

            Need prodding? That's what we do best!

          •  Attend in  the  comfort of your home

                     •  No lunches   No bus fare   No gas            

        •  Sip a cup of Java as you write

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              Class Information

Punctuation Review
Eight-Week Term
Kimberly Cawley
Was $260.00   NOW  $177
Beginning Level or Brush-up Course.

Learn the proper use of the period, exclamation marks, and question marks. Commas are such an intense subject that we use two lessons to cover all uses.

Learn the proper use of quotation marks and all manner of dashes, such as hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes. This course also covers slashes, ellipses, parentheses, and brackets [handy little things], and let's not forget the colons, semicolons, conjunctions, and complexity of apostrophes.

As a bonus, we review dependent and independent clauses, compound sentences, and complex-compound sentences.

You can't beat this for an exclusive review course! All of this with your own private tutor for only $260.

Count on 60-120 minutes of homework per week.