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              Class Information

Writing for YA (Young Adults)
Eight-Week Term
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Was $260.00   NOW  $177
If you enter this class without previous introductory courses, you will be in over your head, as it does not cover the fundamentals of writing. For that reason, lay a good foundation with Dynamic Nonfiction, Creative Writing 101 and Short Story, preferably in that order.

If you are coming to us from another school, you should, at the least, have the equivalent of Creative Writing 101 and Short Story. You may be asked to take an eligibility test in which you must score 88 out of 115 possible points. To take this test, write to

Contents of the Course

Writing for Young Adults is an in-depth class that continues the short story course to create a lengthy work of fiction told in multiple chapters. This class is for serious writers, and you will get your fill of writing.

The lessons are vast and specialize in writing for young adults, ages 14-21. This is a fast-paced course that covers the elements of short story, expressive adjectives, point of view, hooking the reader, working with themes, character sketches, teen dialogue, vernacular, and acronyms. We will complicate the plot, create emotions, discuss poetry and playwriting, build conflict to a climax, learn techniques to resolve the plot, discuss genre and symbolism, edit, edit, edit, and teach you how to market.

Students must have a good command of the English language, be able to structure sentences properly, and accept constructive criticism. Count on at least two hours of homework a week.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford teaches this course. She has a Masterís degree in Arts and Literature from Carleton University and has taught Creative Writing to students of all ages.

Her stories have appeared in History Magazine, Canadian Stories, and Western People, among others. She has also written a series of novels and has been traditionally published a number of times, in addition to free betting tips self-publishing in later life. She is the perfect person to help you decide which avenue to follow.

Two of Emily-Janeís books, The Whistling Bishop, and F-Stop: A Life in Pictures, were named as finalists in the 2009 and 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. We are pleased to welcome Emily-Jane Hills Orford to Creative Writing Institute!

You may sign up for Writing for Young Adults (or any other course) at