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              Class Information

Creative Writing 101
Eight-Week Term
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Was $260.00   NOW  $177
Class Information

Course: Creative Writing 101
Duration: Eight-Week Term
Instructor: Ms. Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Cost: $260.00
Status: Enrolling

Beginning Level - This class teaches the fundamentals of creative writing. However, if you are a serious writer looking for the best foundation possible, begin with Dynamic Nonfiction, followed by this course, and then Short Story Safari. (Ask your tutor if you need a course in Punctuation Review.) This is the best plan to prepare for advanced courses and a profession as a writer.

In Creative Writing 101, you will learn how to:

� Face your writing fears
� Cluster to find inspiration
� Grow a hard shell
� Write articles
� Write stories
� Learn to use scenery versus imagery
� Dissect story theme
� Write excellent dialogue
� Know the difference between plots/scenes and events
� Experiment with point of view
� Create Believable 2D and 3D characters
� Lean how to use character warts
� Five kinds of conflict
� Pacing
� Story and character arcing
� Good resolutions
� Phrases versus clauses
� Resolutions
� The benefits of writing clubs
� Editing techniques
� Backstory
� Flash Fiction
� Students must have a good command of the English language, be able to structure sentences properly, and be able to accept constructive criticism. Count on 90-120 minutes of homework a week.