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Golden Sponsor's Page


Creative Writing Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that sponsors cancer patients in writing courses. In brief, we provide an emotional release, help them learn a new craft, and validate a new identity. In 2012, we will develop a writing program for the blind and in 2013, we will develop a picture book/writing program for children that have cancer. We covet your support. Our sincere thanks go to the sponsors listed below. Please frequent their business places.

Contributions cheerfully accepted at



Albert Dinger

Contribution: Regular donations in memory of his beloved wife, Bessie Dinger

How To Write and Publish Your Book

Contribution: Advertising

Dr. Julie Boyd, DDS

Contribution: Scholarship for cancer patient

1030 E. County Line Rd., Indianapolis, IN

Innovative Technologies

Contribution: Web Services


Norm Goldman

Contribution: Advertising

Jason Fladlien

Contribution: Scholarship in the name of Ryan Fladlien

The Internet Writing Workshop

Where writers can give and receive critique free of charge. Fiction, Lovestory, Nonfiction, Novels, Poetry, Practice, Scripts, Kid's books

Cindy Rogers

Contribution: Text books, Word Magic

Barbara McNichol

Contribution: Autographed copies of Word Trippers

Flyte New Media

Contribution: Internet Marketing

Matthew Price

Contribution: Donation in memory of Great Aunt Sylvia